OK Cool

If you long for a charming union of noodly math rock and queer-themed shoegaze, look no further than emo duo OK Cool, aka Bridget Stiebris and Haley Blomquist. These Chicago shredders not only play twangy riffs deep enough to be in a Foxing song, but they also prove their shoegaze mastery through beautifully reverberated telecasters and transcendent vocal effects. –Joshua Carter

Sprung from pandemic boredom, the duo began writing and recording demos in Spring 2020, and jumped into the indie scene with their first EP "Anomia" that June. They followed that up with another EP, "Surrealist," in March 2021, which opened the door to features in publications such as Brooklyn Vegan, Alternative Press, Chicago Reader, and Under the Radar. The Daily Herald's Brian Shamie describes the record's sound: "It revels in lo-fi wonder while drawing in modern indie elements - think a blend of the Lemonheads’ catchy rock and the nonchalant punk attitude of a Beach Bunny release."

2022 sees the release of two more songs in a package titled, "Songs From The Spare Room." Recorded in a friend's DIY studio, the two tracks, "Time And A Half," and "Self-Sow," offer glimpses of dreampop and grungey influence while maintaining the project's indie rock roots.

Press photo by Tracy Conoboy

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